miércoles, 4 de febrero de 2015

Through the week (15/11/14)

Monday morning, you wake up late. Go to work, go to study. At night, you try not get back home. 
Tuesday, go back home if you didn't last night, and stay all day inside 'cause there is nothing better to do.
Wednesday, repeat Monday's routine. 
Thursday (night), hangout with your friends trying to get drunk but you don't get it. Don't sleep.
Friday, you don't bother about going to work neither to study. Stay at home trying to do whatever you can. Late at night, you get drunk and start to listening and singing the lamest songs ever.
Saturday, stay outside all day and get back home late.
Sunday, go out again but you get back a little bit earlier 'cause you are too tired to stay outside much longer. Sunday night, the cycle begins you can't sleep because you know that you'll have to find more shit to do, more shit to pass through the week without thinking. Because you finally know that at the end of each and every day you'll always be thinking.